A volunteering trip abroad can be the experience of a lifetime. The benefits of volunteering abroad are many. Unfortunately, the cost can discourage some from going.

Many associations, in fact, charge a fee to cover the cost of the experience.

This is a guide on how I managed to go working for an orphanage in Kenya without spending anything beyond accommodation and meals.

Can I Volunteer Abroad for Free?

Follow the steps!

1. Choose the destination and the cause you want to embrace

I decided to go and work for an orphanage, but it could be things like cleaning the seabed, rescuing animals or empowering women

2. Research on Google and make a list

Just google the place you are looking for where you want to go, for example I searched for Orphange in Kenya. The results are quite extensive

3. Prepare an email and contact many of them

Prepare an e-mail introducing yourself and ask if they are looking for a volunteer and your reason for contacting them

3. Choose the one

The response rate was very high and it was really difficult to choose just one.

Usually they only ask you to pay a small amount for meals and accommodation, I paid around 300 euros for the whole month (never pay in advance )

4. Depending on the country ask for a sponsor letter

This depends on the country and the passport. For example, I needed a sponsorship letter for my visa in Kenya. Remember to check and ask for it in your email if necessary.

5. Secure the tickets

And arrange with the hosting place the arriving

6. Go and enjoy the experience

It will change your life!

Other tips

  • Open a funding campaign among colleagues, family and friends on GoFundMe: we raised over 2,000 euros and it was a fantastic gift for the children.
  • Also take time to get around and explore the area and culture in which you are travelling
  • To travel and do social work there are also website like https://www.workaway.info/
  • If you don’t feel safe always rely on a professional non-profit organisation