The Lofoten island are the amazing archipelago in the north of Norway that offers breathtaking scenery with mountain peaks over beautiful view, Arctic fjords, small fishing villages and beautiful clean water beaches.

This is a unique trip, Lofoten landscapes and colours are like nowhere else in the world.

How to arrive there

You will have to first reach the international airport in Oslo and than:

  1. Fly to Svolvær (expensive)

    Svolvær is the capital of Lofoten and the location of most of the companies that rent campervan. Flying directly into Svolvær Airport is the most convenient and fastest option, but also the most expensive. Direct flights are only from Oslo or Bodø.

  2. Fly to Leknes (expensive)

    Leknes is located in the heart of the Lofoten Islands.

    You can get there directly from Oslo or Bodø. As with Svolvær, this is a convenient but expensive option.

  3. Fly to Evenes (cheapest option)

    Evenes is reachable from Oslo and many other destinations, and has many low-cost airlines (norwegian airlines) flying here, so there are many more and much cheaper options.
    From Evenes you can then take a 3-hour bus to Lofoten and their capital Svolvær (at a cost of 40EUR one way).
    The timetables are not the best, but there is an airport bus that matches most flights, you can check the timetables on google maps and buy the ticket directly on board with a credit card.

  4. Take a ferry from Bodo

    You can take the ferry that sails from Bodø to Moskenes. The ferry takes 3-4 hours and costs 30 EUR per passenger plus about 90 EUR for the car. There is also two other ferries that sails from Bodø to Svolvær (3.5 hours).

    Bodø is reached by low cost flights, but it also the northernmost stop on the Norwegian train network, therefore it’s possible to take the train from Oslo or Bergen to Bodø.

  5. Fly to Tromso (If you have time)

    A flight to Tromsø means a complicated journey to Lofoten, and takes about 6-7 hours by bus with several changes or by renting a car, but it is still an option if you have time and want to explore a different and surprising part of northern Norway.

Rent a Campervan in the Lofoten

Renting a camper is definitely one of the best options for exploring the area. The Norwegian right to roam gives you free access to the countryside and allows you to stay overnight in some great places.

It’s not difficult to find a perfect camping spot for the night in the Lofoten but the app Park4Night for campsites give some ideas for free camping spots and reviews.

There are different company and option to rent a campervan in the Lofoten directly.

Hiking in the Lofoten

Hiking in Lofoten is maybe the main reason why people visit this beautiful area.

These are some of my favorites:

  1. Ryten

This is one of the best hikes with a view of the beaches, as well as being the famous photo spot where people appear to be hanging from a rock on a promontory.

You can only go to the top, or go down to the sandy beach of Kvalvika, it is marked at some point on the trail.

The path itself is not difficult, but it can be wet and the weather is always unpredictable, so you should always have a warm, waterproof layer in your backpack.

Difficulty: Medium easy

Time: 3-4h (depending if you want to go to the beach and from wether condition)

Starting point: Parking of Litlkrystad

  1. Festvagtinden

This is a less popular hike and the starting point is very close to the famous village of Henningsvaer. At the top there are breathtaking views of the village and its islets.

The hike is of medium difficulty, but in some places it gets steeper and the trail is not well marked

From a certain level, you pass over a lake that offers superb views with the sea in the background.

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 3-4h

Starting point: Parking before the bridge for Hannisvager

  1. Reinebringen

This is the most popular and busy hike in Lofoten.

It is one of the easiest hikes in the area, but the most mentally strenuous especially since it is basically a long stairway (2k steps) to the top. There is nothing fun about doing it, but the view from the top is breathtaking and absolutely worth it

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 2-3 h

Starting point: Trailhead located on the road along the Ramvisk Tunnel (it is on google maps), you can park in the parking on the corner of the E10

  1. Other hikes on my list
  • Mannen
  • Munken
  • Fløya & Devil’s Gate

What else to do in the Lofoten

Visit villages

One of the most stunning villages are: Ä, Hannisvager, Hamnoy (in the photo), Nusfjord and Reine

Blue water beaches and Surf

Lofoten is home to incredible crystal-clear water beaches that will make you feel like you’re in southern Europe. The water is cold, but on a sunny day you can go swimming and surfing taking advantage of the waves that form.

Some of my favourite:

  • Haukland beach
  • Ramberg
  • Uttakleiv

Get lost in the secondary roads

Open the maps and exit the E10 highway and you will be confronted with a dramatic and stunning road view. As well as finding great spots for the night

Kayak in the fjords or go fishing

There are different tour starting from the villages, mainly from Reine. Having a totally outstanding nature experience

Relax in a sauna

There are not many sauna publicly accessibile in the area. But you can have a look to the Hamnøy Sauna and the Lofoten Sauna in Svolvær

Eat the best cinnamon bun and the best fish burger in the area

Don’t miss the best Cinnamon bun in the Unstad Artic Surf bar and when in Reine, after hiking the Reinebringen, stop at Anita’s Sjømat, you will not regret it

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