Tunisia is a country located in North Africa with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and a vast desert landscape. If you’re planning a trip to Tunisia and want to include a desert experience in your itinerary, here are a few suggestions for things to do and places to visit.

Southern Tunisia includes part of the Sahara Desert, with Tozeur as the main outpost in the southwest. The Sahara is the largest desert in the world, and a trip to Tunisia would not be complete without experiencing it.


Tozeur has an international airport servicing flights from Paris, Lyon and Tunis. We decided to do a road trip from Tunis (it is about 6h drive), this was the most efficient for us as there are many other spots on the way.


This was our first stop coming from Tunis.

The canyon is located in the midst of the Sahara Desert and is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including cactus, palm trees, and gazelles. It is also home to several oases, which are vital sources of water in the desert. The canyon itself is a deep ravine that has been formed over millions of years by the erosion of the surrounding rock. It is a beautiful and rugged landscape, with towering cliffs and narrow ravines that offer breathtaking views of the desert below.


Tamaghza is a small oasis town located in the desert region of south-central Tunisia. It is known for its palm groves and natural springs, which provide a much-needed source of water in the arid desert climate.


Tozeur is a beautiful town and oasis, it surrounded by palm groves and the desert. The town is known for its traditional architecture and is a great place to relax and explore the surrounding area.


Tunisia was the location for many of the outdoor scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy. You can visit the film set and see the famous Mos Espa set, as well as other locations used in the movies.


Chott el-Jerid is a large salt lake in southern Tunisia. It is part of the Chott el-Djerid system, which is a series of interconnected salt flats and lakes that cover an area of about 10,000 square kilometers. The salt flats are an important habitat for many species of migratory birds, and the area is popular with birdwatchers. The salt flats are also an important economic resource for Tunisia, as the salt is harvested and used for a variety of purposes.

Chott el-Jerid is a unique and striking landscape. The salt flats are surrounded by a barren, desert landscape.


Douz is known as the “gateway to the Sahara.” It is located in the desert region of the country, near the Chott el-Jerid salt flats. Douz is a popular stop for travelers exploring the desert region of Tunisia, as it offers a glimpse into traditional desert life and a chance to relax in the peaceful surroundings. There are a few guesthouses and small hotels in Douz for travelers looking to spend the night, and the town is also a good base for exploring the surrounding desert during day or night

Some popular activities in the Douz area include camel riding, sandboarding, and visiting local oases and ancient fortresses. The town is also home to a weekly camel market, where locals buy and sell camels, and it is a popular attraction for tourists. The annual Douz International Festival of the Sahara is held in the town each December, and it is a celebration of Saharan culture and traditions, with music, dancing, and other cultural events.

When in Douz you absolutely need to stop at Restaurant ElBey for some traditional food


We didn’t have time but if you have you should definitely stop in one of this two ancient berbers villages.

Matmata is known for its underground troglodyte dwellings, which are homes built into underground pits and caves. These dwellings are traditional to the region and are a unique architectural feature. Tataouine, on the other hand, is known for its ksour, which are fortified villages that were built by Berber tribes for protection against raiders.